The way the morning sun comes over the house
Illuminating, actually floodlighting, the tallest lean tree
Guarding the edge of the yard tucked close to the fence
The growing glow marks the morning’s progress
I’m not sure how to capture the spectacular slash of light
Brilliant heat cutting a diagonal across the solid trunk
Late spring mornings I watch this light show play out
The captivating spotlight shifts and dazzles
Lighting up branch after green leaf branch
A focused deliberate crawl of yellow light
Stooping lower, passing across rough bark
Nature’s clock, finally touching grass

Yearning Perfection

The naked figure is perfection in its twisted reaching
Thick solid timber creates parenthesis and crooked
Slingshot shapes arching from the enormous gnarled
Trunk squatting husky while countless tiny branches
Shoot in a thousand divers directions each striving
Wand stretching toward the enormous gray white forever
The exposed hulking giant’s adornment long overdue
Impatiently waiting overwhelming shame percolates
Longing bursting buds yearning luscious leafy green
Pining for change craggy perfection looms insufficient

Prospect Park Morning

The long-haired boy in the orange Patagonia jacket
lithely climbed the jungle jim while the gray haired
Father scrolled the emails on his phone occasionally
Glancing at the baby brother tucked tightly in the
Close-by stroller parked next to the father’s green
Bench in Prospect Park on the sunny Sunday morning

The long-haired woman in the red flowered dress
firmly massaged her boyfriend’s head resting gently
On her lap the skirt of the dress flowing over the
Blanket her eyes closed as her fingers kneaded
his eyes closed as he hugged a brown arm around
her stretched-out leg on the sunny Sunday morning

The long-haired man in the brown Nehru collar shirt
Stood barefoot under a quiet tree with no one near
Raising his arms arching slowly saluting the sun
Then stooping low to the ground brushing his
fingertips along the grass starting the sequence
over breathing in on the sunny Sunday morning

Lonely Late Departure

The judgmental might call her
The Patron Saint of Liars
But to those who knew her
BossyPants was far more accurate
Her determination was unmistakable
And people scurried to clear a path
As she set her destination on
Yosemite by way of The Bean Tree
Lacing one Blue Shoe at a time
She harnessed The Power of Focus
Head down she missed noticing
The shimmering Moon Light in Snow
At her lonely late departure
“I’ll forget My Life So Far”
She thought as she took the
First crunchy unknown step

Today’s poem was prompted by book
titles from a shelf in my house.
There are eight titles included.


Between the car and the house
Forsythia is glowing gold tonight
Stretching the driveway’s length
Enveloping the split rail poking
From the hedge’s rough tawny end
Signaling its yellow days are short

Sad willow laments fading yellow
Casting shadows of grief with
Elegant pistachio whip branches
Dripping invisible soaking tears
Quenching thirsty grass greening
By equal degrees as yellow fades


Victorious Triumphant Pose

I basked last night in Kris Jenkins’ victorious triumphant pose, arms held high.

A split second after the miraculous winning shot swished through the hoop.

The ball left his hands with .4 seconds on the clock.
His moment. Glory. Satisfaction. Joy.

Kris Jenkins’ victorious triumphant pose, arms held high, makes my heart happy.

I considered the images of my day, the 24 hours
Kris Jenkins’ magical shot
Kris Jenkin’s victorious triumphant pose, arms held high.

My day
1. Gorgeous sunset slipping behind a valley of purple flowers and ambling horses
2. Golden sunrise glow illuminating puffy clouds streaking clear morning sky
3. Annie the basset hound bounding joyfully shaking long floor sweeping ears
4. Sprouting tiny green leaf buds surrounding miniature berry clusters
5. Massage table draped for me with orange oil aromatherapy in the head cradle
6. Happy 87th Birthday surprise Mom your grandson & youngest great-granddaughter
6. Baby Eloise gleefully calling “snack” for one dried strawberry after another
7. A Pit special cooked medium rare with lettuce, tomato and sweet potato fries
8. My purring Pierre the cat curled on the back of the sofa behind my head

Me, victorious triumphant pose, 2 arms held high.


I return to my regular sunset spot
Cold for early April bundled in down
Layers on layers loving the cold air wind
Bracing my face as spots fill my vision
From bright sun staring waiting waiting
The fresh green leaf buds on low
Hanging branches exciting my heart
Beyond the fence rolling hill meadow
Glows periwinkle with fresh spring carpet
White brushed on clouds frame sinking
Orange flare I’m suddenly conscious of
Stereo birdsong filling the thin crisp air
As beams cast huge shadows a distant white
Horse trots uphill ambling like a polar bear
I smile my sun-spot filled eyes deceive
I stand quiet waiting waiting silent still
As the last erupting orange bit dissolves

Evening Glow

“I know you are tired and hungry,
But there’s an amazing sunset
Glow out there” I follow her
Gaze through bright-lit window
My camera was in the bag
I was tired and hungry
But the golden orange sunset
Glow bisected the trees across
The street a diagonal slash
Above burning bright gray
Brown shade below that border
Topped by a glow of searing fire
My camera and me outside

Unionville Road Ride

Spring’s first road ride ready route chosen beauty beckons
Hills loom large school lot start playlist shuffle set right
Earbud in music on we’re off lush summer growth adorns
Rolling hills pedal north past picturesque stone barn pastures

First turn long downhill wind rushes wheels spin faster
Road curves honeysuckle scent scenic farmhouse, flowers
Surround ancient red barn needing paint faded chipping
Every view a photo op locations catalogued as pedals turn

Right turn spectacular orange poppies greet straight carless
Road pothole minefield prevents speed bored black cows ignore
Our passing 
full mane horses graze before stark and excellent
Leafless tree fatigue pattern bark covers thick strong trunk beautiful

Skeletal state (death becomes you) first hill just ahead tense shoulders
Anticipation distracts music stops with weird timing complete
Silence as assent begins a single word “fear” taunts more silence
Follows a second “fear” sung in superb acapella as heavy breathing

Harmonizes with silence and a perfectly timed prodding word
Fear dismissed hill’s crest welcomes rewards with accelerating
Speed descent second hill’s word floating in silence is paranoia
Is shuffle really random? Hills’ challenge met first road ride

Skeletal Soul

Stark and excellent leafless tree variegated fatigue
Patterned bark covering thick powerful trunk twins awe
Struck skeletal soul surprises (death becomes you beautiful
Lifeless giant) why did you go? Who mourns your

Passing as frolicking lush spring green surrounds
Delighting in wondrous newness sprouting new leaves
Before patient eyes thickening scrub flowering evolving
Please remember past cooling shade shadows cast

Broad reach no more still standing tall reminding those who
Listen of transitory mortality temporary presence quiet
Or loud departure watchtower fixed firm awaiting
Inevitable hollowing decay past strength forever gone