Too Tired to Stand

“Are energy issues at your business impacting your bottom line?” said the commercial on the radio.

Immediately I imagine a disheveled worker, round shouldered and shuffling, head downcast and eyes half closed. A human cheese curl with tousled hair. Thinking more about napping than deadlines, his shirt tail is half untucked, and not in a cool way. An important paper dangles from his fingers, begging not to be dropped. He’s reminiscent of the the humans in the movie Wall-E but in white shirt and mussed khakis. The worker of my imagination can still walk, but barely. The Wall-E people were apparently permanently affixed to movie theater recliners in full recline; the red jump-suited roly-polies floated supine in their loungers without the strength or energy to stand or walk. My mind’s eye energy-issue worker isn’t quite such a marshmallow; he leans whenever there is the opportunity but so far isn’t too tired to stand. But he’s close.

All this jumbles through my mind in the seconds it takes for the announcer to get from the words “bottom line” to a suggestion that Philadelphia Electric will do an energy audit to help reduce office energy usage. I realize with a half-smile that I conjured my entire cartoon imagery for nearly nothing (but fun).

I’m slightly saddened too at the realization that there isn’t a solution for the low-energy office worker shuffling exhaustion and pushing papers through his day.

In Dreams

In sleep and that dreamy state
Sleepiness before sleep sets in
A mysterious rope ladder hanging
Barely within reach swaying slightly
White rungs and gray rope falling
From darkness a black cloud obscuring
All but the lowest bars nothing but
White emptiness surrounding the
Swinging in half sleep I imagine
Lithely leaping to grab the lowest
Rung strongly steadily climbing hand
Over hand (I’m a younger woman climbing
But it’s my dream) towards the unknown
My fear of heights forgotten and absent
The natural swinging away from each step
Challenge that a rope ladder tends to pose
Neither obstacle materializes when the
Reaching and climbing begins
Though I feel strong and capable
I never progress beyond a few steps
More often though in my sleepy daze
It’s just the mystery ladder hanging
An unknown purpose


“Did you escape or will you be spending the
Night on that couch with the ancient Quakers?”
The question was remarkable in peculiarity
Out of context who’d know what it meant
But once it was asked that was the joy
The myriad of mysterious possibilities
Secret journeys unknown adventures
Beginnings with unimagined/imagined
A story’s innocent fantastic origin

Lonely Late Departure

The judgmental might call her
The Patron Saint of Liars
But to those who knew her
BossyPants was far more accurate
Her determination was unmistakable
And people scurried to clear a path
As she set her destination on
Yosemite by way of The Bean Tree
Lacing one Blue Shoe at a time
She harnessed The Power of Focus
Head down she missed noticing
The shimmering Moon Light in Snow
At her lonely late departure
“I’ll forget My Life So Far”
She thought as she took the
First crunchy unknown step

Today’s poem was prompted by book
titles from a shelf in my house.
There are eight titles included.

Faulty Equipment

Her face drained color white heat radiated
Blinking light, crackling static, fading image
The gray screen shrunk away to hopeless
A rude introduction to futility
Despair’s most eminent envoy
Impossible became her reality
Commands repeated desperate
Tracking attempts failed
Clearly her fate was cinched
There was no map… or miracle
Her capabilities were never questioned
It was the equipment that was faulty