So fleeting

Butter yellow
Cotton Candy pink
Frothy seafoam green

The sweetest soft tones
Then, in a minute, instantly gone

Rushed out the door for summer’s arrival

The raspberry sherbet trees dance to center stage
As the delicate spring hues curtsy quickly out the side door

Word Soup – Or Just Soup

Their tricks were not really elaborate
Barely approaching the mundane but
This was gravely serious business
In misty behind the scenes efforts
To set secret covers (or beards)

They yearned to shift the decimal point
Preferring sweet lucrative payoffs (or)
Hitching a ride on the bronze trolley
Rather than diving into a deep wet bath
The inevitable shuffle up to the bench

Along the Way

The moon was enormous, yellow and nearly full
Hanging low as I drove pre-dawn to arrive on time
“Don’t be late” so I drove on and stared hard not
To forget that giant magnificent high sky glow

The entire field was bright yellow acre upon
Acre covered with sun-colored wall-to-wall
“Don’t be late” so I drove on and stared hard not
To forget that endless electrifying banana glow

Sorry to rush on tomorrow I’ll wake early and stand
Long to take in the nearer full hanging low moon
Sorry to rush on tomorrow I’ll retrace to those
Yellow fields to see up close the golden blanket


Magnifying Glass

Next to my penknife the magnifying
Glass, whose handle stuck out of the
Back pocket of my Wranglers, was
My favorite provision for exploring
The woods behind our stone house
Neighborhood where I was a child.

I had ogled the knife for months with
Its grooved black wood handle, two
Blades, a nail file and a screwdriver in
The glass case with the lessor knives at
Monterey Hardware, until I finally saved
The eight dollars and fifty-fifty cents.

The knife cut the coiled rope, clipped to
My belt loop, I used to scale the dirt hill
Like a cowboy would, hand-over-hand,
When I was the freckly redheaded girl
Who arrived home tired and late in
Filthy blue jeans with ripped out knees.

It Smelled Like Spring

It smelled like spring this morning
Exquisite evocative head-filling waves
Of fresh cut grass and buds hovering
On the brink of full blown blossoms

Crisp air laced with warm sunshine
Inhaling each blustery cool-warm gust
Filling lungs with the anticipation of
Sunny warmth only moments away

Puffy vanilla ice-cream cone fruit trees
Showering down welcome April snow
Rendering greening grass a white blanket
Magical fluffy carpet beneath grateful feet

The Weathered Covered Bridge

It’s completely grey on the outside
The weathered covered bridge
I briefly stand tranquil in its center
Silent while absorbing water melodies
Floating through skinny gaps
Glimpses caught
Sparkling water
Through rough-hewn floorboards
Vibrating under muddy boots
Lumberyard incense
This shadowy space
Sun streams dance

Savored seconds until the next passing