We boil over with dumbfounded outrage
Stumbling disoriented in our disbelief
Feeling blindly for reason in the absurd
Maze of bigoted hate devoid of decency
While Camus chuckles “I-told-you-so”

We convulse uncontrollable gushing tears
In disbelief as swift hateful actions spawn
Tsunami waves flooding our cherished values
Rampaging an unknown path of Un-American
Torture casually threatening our morality

We resist hate and division as patriots
Screaming loudly “inclusion and justice for all”
Crowding terminal prisons with stalwart
Intention roaring for decency stretching toward
Downtrodden refugees huddled, tired and poor

We deliver freshly born shaky legged protestors
Born out of need ascending steep escalator
Canals flooded with brave pink-hatted women
And men who tightly grab loving hands and kindness
Fresh-minted activists homemade signs held high

Thank You

Thank you, Beautiful Man
For giving so generously
Your love of Country
And us
My goodbye heart breaks
Tonight you send us off
Setting the tone
Rallying us again
To Responsibility
To Hope
To Citizenship
Inciting us to stand strong
For decency and love
Kindly you implore
Our Kindness
You may have been too good
For what we gave back
But you gave yourself anyway
Thank you, My President