Bleak Aftermath

In the bleak aftermath each morning is a struggle
Stretching into motionless afternoon of leaden despair
Simmering in boa knotted stomach and boiling over
Eyes narrowed by heavy deep-creased brow

Resisting the yearning impulse to burrow under covers
Grave digging designs on hibernating through the teens
Ostrich head sunk deep down unburdens encumbered
Shoulders crushed beneath invisible fear mountain’s swell

Can strength of purpose drenched with decency and love
Shake off the light-threatening sodden blanket dirge,
Soaked with bitter regret held down by daunting waves
Churning disorientating vertigo amid panicked yells?


Cleansing words wage war on fear’s frozen grasp

Love of Country

Part 1 – Written 10/11/16

Remember how we felt after 9/11?
Wrapped into the horror & deadlift
Weight of sadness heaped onto
Sagging shoulders and tears?
Infinite welling kindness, compassion
Overflowing goodness and charity
Filling buckets full of small empathy
Moments of love and pride and
Resolute determination that our
Country will not be brought down
By the hate of raging terrorism.
Donald Trump is a terrorist whose
candidacy is a 9/11 deja vu wreaking
Havoc on our civility and decency.
I refuse his offer to ruin my country from
His gilded towers of bluster and
Flashing gaudy hate-filled bravado.
When facing the destruction
Of crashing planes tumbling buildings
I remember the decency immersion
Love of country and unity of spirit

Part 2 – Written 11/10/16

I was sure decency would prevail
My splintered heart shards shred
Dripping crimson tears of hopeless
Dread convulsing endless sobs
Wrapped in stomach pit horror
A terrorist in our White House