The Time Before

This may be the best minute of the year
Three days before Christmas five thirty AM
When the darkness envelops me while
The day stretches out ahead of me
Minutes of dark solitude nourished
By delicious strong coffee and quiet joy
Silently worshiping the peace and calm
The seconds before the anticipation peaks
With unrestrained hubbub adorned with
Overwhelming red and green excitement
Exuding love set on fire with hope


If photography was my job
I’d have stopped at the hill’s crest
Overlooking rolling valley fields
I’d have carefully crafted a shot
Of streaming sunbeams piercing
Sundry shades of gray white lace

Instead I drove down the hill
Staring at each beam’s stream
Burning the image into my brain
Commemorating the dance of
Glowing light funnels shooting the
Gap in the clouds leaking golden streaks