It was pink this morning
The sky
Before the sun came up
I walked the windows
Bursting clouds in grapefruit pink

It was perfect this morning
The coffee
Before my dream fog left
I inhaled the aroma
Generous beans in savory nectar

Before today’s news
Before the “Oh My God”
I bathed in a sunrise show
I swam in coffee ambrosia
Amidst the daily trepidation
I’m still here

Winged Sisyphus

Our warm tight sanctuary

Our safe place from the horrifying
Turn our world has taken toward
Exclusion and hate daily

Azure feckless bluebird’s head-butt
Repeatedly flying torpedo style
Banging the huge clear glass

A winged Sisyphus’ hopeless effort
A beautiful kamikaze fowl missile

While taking up residence
Offered in loving charity
The vibrant flock observes

A bird-brain suicide


We’ve Lost

I almost cried again this morning
Reading an article about police
Surveillance in Slate 5 ways to
Think about future technology
Point 5 “the President does not
Control local police departments,
He (and someday She)” that’s when a
Lump in my throat the tears close
Behind is it the reality of who
He is and his suggested police state?
Or the reminder of our country’s sad
Decision when they rejected “she”?
Passing on a decent, good, thoughtful
Woman for the buffoon who needs
A victory tour because his ego can’t
Abide the fact that he lost by
three million clicks yet still he
Derides the press as dishonest while
He spews lies and venom and hate
He won my tears every day so close
to the spilling over all we’ve lost