Sleep Please

An endless day finally narrows
The light…
It’s the dark that’s in sight
Clarity fades muscles ache
Burdened lids droop
Every sinew craves renewal
Pure surrender satisfies
As sleep’s ravenous appetite
Consumes consciousness
Good night

The Place I Was Told To Go

I went to the place I was told to go
Today a fill-in a Monday replacement
The address was clear on the notice
The notice stapled tight to my folder
I arrived on time but was the only one
Just me I was unexpected and alone
The time was right but they forgot
To mention the distant new location
My Monday off to a shaky start
Off to the place I was told to go


Can we sleep out here tonight?
Under this puffiest white tree
Lightest sweet fragrance filling
The air and my head with peace

I’ll hang our hammock snug below
As the fluttering white snow petals
Softly blanket our silent souls
Delicious scent sleep surrender

Morning Still

The morning light never broke
Thick fog hovered deep above
Smooth still lake as the boat
Slid silently cutting the still

Standing in the rolling mist
The lone lonely man gently
Tossed his thin rod flipping
The line aloft far out of sight

The distant muffled splash of
The float breaking the glassy
Surface the only sound in the
Standing still quiet morning calm