I thought about snakes this morning
A convoluted ping-pong thought
Process brought me to black snakes
And then to snakes eating mice and moles
And then to the confident order of it all

Today, the daffodils and forsythia burst yellow as cherry trees bloom pink
And they broadcast “God is here”
Amidst the order and beauty.
God is the trees and flowers.
And in the swirl of man made chaos
The proof is in the greening grass

Summer Guest

Spring beginnings (and endings) measured in flowers
Hello spring daffodils flash of attentive brilliant yellow
Beautiful proud troubadour stiff cup of sun stalk weakens
Bends yellow fades to gold, too soon brown a memory
Of the new dazzling dizzying hope of spring beginnings

Spring (beginnings and) endings measured in flowers
Peony buds emerge a ball of suggestive color richest fuchsia
Palest pink, faint salmon, rich creamy white bursting balls
Glorious fluff thousands of silken layers blur in glory dip
Under weight petals too soon wilting, fading snowy ending

Summer beginnings and endings measured in flowers
Hydrangeas tease a slow arrival thousands of Lilliputian
Buttermilk buds band together one perfectly ringed orb
Periwinkle violet blush in flux soothing warmth spreading
Canopy of color settling staying welcome long summer guest

Unionville Road Ride

Spring’s first road ride ready route chosen beauty beckons
Hills loom large school lot start playlist shuffle set right
Earbud in music on we’re off lush summer growth adorns
Rolling hills pedal north past picturesque stone barn pastures

First turn long downhill wind rushes wheels spin faster
Road curves honeysuckle scent scenic farmhouse, flowers
Surround ancient red barn needing paint faded chipping
Every view a photo op locations catalogued as pedals turn

Right turn spectacular orange poppies greet straight carless
Road pothole minefield prevents speed bored black cows ignore
Our passing 
full mane horses graze before stark and excellent
Leafless tree fatigue pattern bark covers thick strong trunk beautiful

Skeletal state (death becomes you) first hill just ahead tense shoulders
Anticipation distracts music stops with weird timing complete
Silence as assent begins a single word “fear” taunts more silence
Follows a second “fear” sung in superb acapella as heavy breathing

Harmonizes with silence and a perfectly timed prodding word
Fear dismissed hill’s crest welcomes rewards with accelerating
Speed descent second hill’s word floating in silence is paranoia
Is shuffle really random? Hills’ challenge met first road ride

Happy Flowers

“This makes me happy” I say “Yay” comes the response
I carry a pitcher of water outside soaking the large
Full pot of classic cranberry geraniums lavishly overflowing
Tin trough with thick rope handles and drilled drain holes

This is a day I cherish my annual trip to the garden store
Filling my rear hatch no room to spare every inch a burst
Of color crimson coral plum rose white each beauty carefully
Chosen with a preordained place a specific summer spot

Growing and blooming prompts the seasons morning ritual
Early cool shimmering dew sparkling water brilliant days
Puttering pruning breathing sipping sitting appreciating
Serene smile daily send off “This makes me Happy” I say

Bluest Blossom

Bluest of blue periwinkle perfectly petaled blossom
Rich rich amethyst jewel polka dot speckle center
Sitting solo stretching tall, sown deep in parsley leaf filled
Flowerpot 5 stories up, luxuriating on expansive Brooklyn botany
Love balcony, pink blooms, apple blossoms, sea grasses surround,
Enrich delicate elegance. elevate the bluest blue above all flora
Dazzling graceful violet-blue eyed gaze magnet unshakable

Hello New Daisy

Beseeching the sun, elastic silken petals stretching beyond their reach, yearning and grasping for energy and warmth. Elbowing past the un-bloomed buds for every kilowatt of breakfast. Growing gold, golden yellow with each beam ingested. Palm frond green leaves surround and protect the delicate beauties reaching up, up, up. Good morning. Hello new daisy. Welcome.