Summer Guest

Spring beginnings (and endings) measured in flowers
Hello spring daffodils flash of attentive brilliant yellow
Beautiful proud troubadour stiff cup of sun stalk weakens
Bends yellow fades to gold, too soon brown a memory
Of the new dazzling dizzying hope of spring beginnings

Spring (beginnings and) endings measured in flowers
Peony buds emerge a ball of suggestive color richest fuchsia
Palest pink, faint salmon, rich creamy white bursting balls
Glorious fluff thousands of silken layers blur in glory dip
Under weight petals too soon wilting, fading snowy ending

Summer beginnings and endings measured in flowers
Hydrangeas tease a slow arrival thousands of Lilliputian
Buttermilk buds band together one perfectly ringed orb
Periwinkle violet blush in flux soothing warmth spreading
Canopy of color settling staying welcome long summer guest

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