I thought about snakes this morning
A convoluted ping-pong thought
Process brought me to black snakes
And then to snakes eating mice and moles
And then to the confident order of it all

Today, the daffodils and forsythia burst yellow as cherry trees bloom pink
And they broadcast “God is here”
Amidst the order and beauty.
God is the trees and flowers.
And in the swirl of man made chaos
The proof is in the greening grass


The way the morning sun comes over the house
Illuminating, actually floodlighting, the tallest lean tree
Guarding the edge of the yard tucked close to the fence
The growing glow marks the morning’s progress
I’m not sure how to capture the spectacular slash of light
Brilliant heat cutting a diagonal across the solid trunk
Late spring mornings I watch this light show play out
The captivating spotlight shifts and dazzles
Lighting up branch after green leaf branch
A focused deliberate crawl of yellow light
Stooping lower, passing across rough bark
Nature’s clock, finally touching grass


Between the car and the house
Forsythia is glowing gold tonight
Stretching the driveway’s length
Enveloping the split rail poking
From the hedge’s rough tawny end
Signaling its yellow days are short

Sad willow laments fading yellow
Casting shadows of grief with
Elegant pistachio whip branches
Dripping invisible soaking tears
Quenching thirsty grass greening
By equal degrees as yellow fades



I return to my regular sunset spot
Cold for early April bundled in down
Layers on layers loving the cold air wind
Bracing my face as spots fill my vision
From bright sun staring waiting waiting
The fresh green leaf buds on low
Hanging branches exciting my heart
Beyond the fence rolling hill meadow
Glows periwinkle with fresh spring carpet
White brushed on clouds frame sinking
Orange flare I’m suddenly conscious of
Stereo birdsong filling the thin crisp air
As beams cast huge shadows a distant white
Horse trots uphill ambling like a polar bear
I smile my sun-spot filled eyes deceive
I stand quiet waiting waiting silent still
As the last erupting orange bit dissolves

Summer Guest

Spring beginnings (and endings) measured in flowers
Hello spring daffodils flash of attentive brilliant yellow
Beautiful proud troubadour stiff cup of sun stalk weakens
Bends yellow fades to gold, too soon brown a memory
Of the new dazzling dizzying hope of spring beginnings

Spring (beginnings and) endings measured in flowers
Peony buds emerge a ball of suggestive color richest fuchsia
Palest pink, faint salmon, rich creamy white bursting balls
Glorious fluff thousands of silken layers blur in glory dip
Under weight petals too soon wilting, fading snowy ending

Summer beginnings and endings measured in flowers
Hydrangeas tease a slow arrival thousands of Lilliputian
Buttermilk buds band together one perfectly ringed orb
Periwinkle violet blush in flux soothing warmth spreading
Canopy of color settling staying welcome long summer guest

Hello New Daisy

Beseeching the sun, elastic silken petals stretching beyond their reach, yearning and grasping for energy and warmth. Elbowing past the un-bloomed buds for every kilowatt of breakfast. Growing gold, golden yellow with each beam ingested. Palm frond green leaves surround and protect the delicate beauties reaching up, up, up. Good morning. Hello new daisy. Welcome.