Yearning Perfection

The naked figure is perfection in its twisted reaching
Thick solid timber creates parenthesis and crooked
Slingshot shapes arching from the enormous gnarled
Trunk squatting husky while countless tiny branches
Shoot in a thousand divers directions each striving
Wand stretching toward the enormous gray white forever
The exposed hulking giant’s adornment long overdue
Impatiently waiting overwhelming shame percolates
Longing bursting buds yearning luscious leafy green
Pining for change craggy perfection looms insufficient


Life’s transitions sunset night dawn breaks inviting open
Doors wide expansive vistas dizzying beauty calling step out
Walk through outstretched arms open heart pounding which
Route why no color-coded trails for life heart’s desire obscured

Endless choices mesmerize scintillate potentially changing
Life’s direction like a pinball’s ricochet joyous terrifying
Overwhelming options tempt confuse the lost and level headed
Inciting hearts and heads into battle for the upper hand

Fear immobilizes cautious and uncertain heads confidence
Activates hope full hearts questioning yearning gathering weighing
Target fixed one step at a time obstacles shrink passion
Quickens desire propels forward giant courageous strides


Maritime beacons of bygone days stand tall and white near rocky shores, sending steer-clear signals to not-so-long-ago vessels. These illuminating pillars beckon like a magnet drawing us in. We are pulled to admire, and wonder…wander nearer, see the unique fingerprint of each miraculous tower. Mirrors and gas-lights emit blinding beams, warning the vulnerable away from rough passage and rocky demise. Dedicated solitary servants tirelessly light the light, burning brightly for safe passage of unknown seafarers. We marvel at these symbols of yesterday, reminding us of days of mechanical safety and single-minded protectors.