“You can let me know…oh, right… “ I start a Google search
“You can look it up right now. What was I thinking?”
Said my 86-year-old mom when we were talking about,
Well, it could have been almost anything. I’m always
Checking, confirming I’m correct or learning I’m wrong.

Either way it’s the information at hand seconds away
Never a delay I love being able to look it up. Find out
Anything. Read about everything. Last week I confirmed
That Meryl Streep is in her 60s (she’s 65) when someone
(My sister) thought she is 70. Information is always

Available never far away no need for patience, or a
Card catalogue, an encyclopedia (though as a kid I loved
The “D” Britannica with its dog breed pictures) I like being
Right and knowing when I’m not my phone confirms or
Denies in a blink of an eye no arguments facts are great

Oscar’s Advice

Calm kindly eyes beseeched
What can I teach you?
Asked Oscar of the children
Slowly drowning in the stuff
Only money could buy

One replied as others squirmed
Serious brows drawn
We suffer in our crowded heads
Benign trivia overwhelms
Thoroughly devoid of solace

Take a walk, came the considered reply
Soak in the bursting buds
Gulp the scent of lilies of the valley
Wonder at the momentous gold
Sun setting over verdant hills


Maritime beacons of bygone days stand tall and white near rocky shores, sending steer-clear signals to not-so-long-ago vessels. These illuminating pillars beckon like a magnet drawing us in. We are pulled to admire, and wonder…wander nearer, see the unique fingerprint of each miraculous tower. Mirrors and gas-lights emit blinding beams, warning the vulnerable away from rough passage and rocky demise. Dedicated solitary servants tirelessly light the light, burning brightly for safe passage of unknown seafarers. We marvel at these symbols of yesterday, reminding us of days of mechanical safety and single-minded protectors.