I thought about snakes this morning
A convoluted ping-pong thought
Process brought me to black snakes
And then to snakes eating mice and moles
And then to the confident order of it all

Today, the daffodils and forsythia burst yellow as cherry trees bloom pink
And they broadcast “God is here”
Amidst the order and beauty.
God is the trees and flowers.
And in the swirl of man made chaos
The proof is in the greening grass


The way the morning sun comes over the house
Illuminating, actually floodlighting, the tallest lean tree
Guarding the edge of the yard tucked close to the fence
The growing glow marks the morning’s progress
I’m not sure how to capture the spectacular slash of light
Brilliant heat cutting a diagonal across the solid trunk
Late spring mornings I watch this light show play out
The captivating spotlight shifts and dazzles
Lighting up branch after green leaf branch
A focused deliberate crawl of yellow light
Stooping lower, passing across rough bark
Nature’s clock, finally touching grass

Yearning Perfection

The naked figure is perfection in its twisted reaching
Thick solid timber creates parenthesis and crooked
Slingshot shapes arching from the enormous gnarled
Trunk squatting husky while countless tiny branches
Shoot in a thousand divers directions each striving
Wand stretching toward the enormous gray white forever
The exposed hulking giant’s adornment long overdue
Impatiently waiting overwhelming shame percolates
Longing bursting buds yearning luscious leafy green
Pining for change craggy perfection looms insufficient

Evening Glow

“I know you are tired and hungry,
But there’s an amazing sunset
Glow out there” I follow her
Gaze through bright-lit window
My camera was in the bag
I was tired and hungry
But the golden orange sunset
Glow bisected the trees across
The street a diagonal slash
Above burning bright gray
Brown shade below that border
Topped by a glow of searing fire
My camera and me outside

New Leaf’s Dance

Verdant virgin babies form lacy filigree patterns
Newborn leaves bathe in glistening dewy post-partum shades
Avocado, mint, tea green fresh growth hues
Stretching toward warmth, craning toward light

Wonder of the new and fledgling floods senses untested
Ancient course leather peaks through infant veils
Grudgingly awakened bark irritably tolerates fresh buds
Aged crust squelches bloom’s excitement at all that’s new

Cynical antique skin resists and squirms at youth’s glee
Yet, brave youthful promise rejects craggy elderly gloom
Dancing in glimmering beams, absorbing the sun’s tattoo
Nature’s stamp of life and light fuels bantling bliss

Happy Earth Day Tree

Tarzan rope swing, climb four, no five feet
Reach left hand for lowest branch
Swing right leg over branch
Pull with right hand, lift and sit
Gaze at the back yard from perch

Hand on next branch, stand, peruse
Careful prudent feet in blue Keds step
Next branch up, climb to highest branch
Stand tall, 25 feet up, breath deep
Lean against trunk, slide body to sit

Legs hang down, bark against thighs
Sun sinks low, disappears behind house
Gold glow pervades shadows stretch
Lightning bugs (wonderful bioluminescence) appear
Glitter, flash, sparkle, flicker, gleam

Best childhood climbing tree ever
Happy Earth Day