Prospect Park Morning

The long-haired boy in the orange Patagonia jacket
lithely climbed the jungle jim while the gray haired
Father scrolled the emails on his phone occasionally
Glancing at the baby brother tucked tightly in the
Close-by stroller parked next to the father’s green
Bench in Prospect Park on the sunny Sunday morning

The long-haired woman in the red flowered dress
firmly massaged her boyfriend’s head resting gently
On her lap the skirt of the dress flowing over the
Blanket her eyes closed as her fingers kneaded
his eyes closed as he hugged a brown arm around
her stretched-out leg on the sunny Sunday morning

The long-haired man in the brown Nehru collar shirt
Stood barefoot under a quiet tree with no one near
Raising his arms arching slowly saluting the sun
Then stooping low to the ground brushing his
fingertips along the grass starting the sequence
over breathing in on the sunny Sunday morning

Bluest Blossom

Bluest of blue periwinkle perfectly petaled blossom
Rich rich amethyst jewel polka dot speckle center
Sitting solo stretching tall, sown deep in parsley leaf filled
Flowerpot 5 stories up, luxuriating on expansive Brooklyn botany
Love balcony, pink blooms, apple blossoms, sea grasses surround,
Enrich delicate elegance. elevate the bluest blue above all flora
Dazzling graceful violet-blue eyed gaze magnet unshakable

Statue’s View

New York prods thoughts of journeys past
Red Hook view recalls long ago shipboard glimpse
Immigrants’ fears, hopes welcomed, tired embraced
New land heartfelt dreams melting blending fusing

Grandparents poor, America bound Atlantic voyages
The Dream’s greeting, arms embracing Swedish Okkie
Scottish Granddad’s solitary arrival leaving wife
Baby aunt and uncle until brogues ingrain

Eight years hammering boards building foundation
Grandmom’s journey finally to join, US born new baby (dad)
The Statue’s legacy warming encircling nourishing the yearning
To be free long ago, the ideal, a memory of yesterday’s ethos