Victorious Triumphant Pose

I basked last night in Kris Jenkins’ victorious triumphant pose, arms held high.

A split second after the miraculous winning shot swished through the hoop.

The ball left his hands with .4 seconds on the clock.
His moment. Glory. Satisfaction. Joy.

Kris Jenkins’ victorious triumphant pose, arms held high, makes my heart happy.

I considered the images of my day, the 24 hours
Kris Jenkins’ magical shot
Kris Jenkin’s victorious triumphant pose, arms held high.

My day
1. Gorgeous sunset slipping behind a valley of purple flowers and ambling horses
2. Golden sunrise glow illuminating puffy clouds streaking clear morning sky
3. Annie the basset hound bounding joyfully shaking long floor sweeping ears
4. Sprouting tiny green leaf buds surrounding miniature berry clusters
5. Massage table draped for me with orange oil aromatherapy in the head cradle
6. Happy 87th Birthday surprise Mom your grandson & youngest great-granddaughter
6. Baby Eloise gleefully calling “snack” for one dried strawberry after another
7. A Pit special cooked medium rare with lettuce, tomato and sweet potato fries
8. My purring Pierre the cat curled on the back of the sofa behind my head

Me, victorious triumphant pose, 2 arms held high.

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