Bluest Blossom

Bluest of blue periwinkle perfectly petaled blossom
Rich rich amethyst jewel polka dot speckle center
Sitting solo stretching tall, sown deep in parsley leaf filled
Flowerpot 5 stories up, luxuriating on expansive Brooklyn botany
Love balcony, pink blooms, apple blossoms, sea grasses surround,
Enrich delicate elegance. elevate the bluest blue above all flora
Dazzling graceful violet-blue eyed gaze magnet unshakable

Happy Earth Day Tree

Tarzan rope swing, climb four, no five feet
Reach left hand for lowest branch
Swing right leg over branch
Pull with right hand, lift and sit
Gaze at the back yard from perch

Hand on next branch, stand, peruse
Careful prudent feet in blue Keds step
Next branch up, climb to highest branch
Stand tall, 25 feet up, breath deep
Lean against trunk, slide body to sit

Legs hang down, bark against thighs
Sun sinks low, disappears behind house
Gold glow pervades shadows stretch
Lightning bugs (wonderful bioluminescence) appear
Glitter, flash, sparkle, flicker, gleam

Best childhood climbing tree ever
Happy Earth Day

my grand canyon

Amber vermilion ruby copper
Infinite prodigious beauty beckons
Magnetic draw to wonder supreme
Unmatched vastness entices, stuns
Striations reveal endless hues

Coral scarlet gold umber
Sun glints on narrow precipices
The brink invites the brave
A closer look, a peek into the depth
Teal ribbon dizzyingly far below

Khaki orange salmon apricot
Proximity excites, fear grips
The edge repels seduces coaxes
Frozen feet keep their distance
Phobia forges an unapproachable rim