Summer Goodbyes

Constant waves of crickets’ rhythmic singing an unwelcome yet
Sweetly maudlin harbinger heralding cooler breezes crisp blue skies
Suggesting an end of glistening teal-blue pool days a solitary slowly
Floating gold leaf tired of heat spirals to rest on inviting still soft grass

Enduring lavender butterfly bushes draw tenacious fluttering swarms
Cobalt black cream injured saffron wings clinging to remaining days
Agitated buzzing bees collude conspire to disrupt the final summer
Gathering with lazy frantic threats of stinging pain or phobic trauma

Anxious young hearts pound the most melancholy seasonal barometer
Vying for separation disconnection hauling crates making narrow
Long beds hanging carefully selected posters introducing defining a
Particular self with expectations overwhelming sentimental goodbyes

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