Fall Suggested

If you let yourself notice you’ll see the leaves are dull now
Long gone the lime colored buds today drab olive army green
Even dingy khaki with a hint of gold or red an early adaptor
On my street is in full-on crimson umber mode with crisp
Brown leaves strewn below like a child’s sponge painting
One of the dogwoods in the front yard has reluctantly
Allowed a small area the top left edge to turn red alone
But the mornings are crisp and clear with the bluest blue
Sky that you can’t help notice if you breath and take a
Minute to feel the air cut fresh and clean against your
Exposed skin I wrap myself in a light polka dot blanket
Just breath and listen to the crickets call their melody
While the wispy clouds dot the sky and slowly move
Across with changing shapes to remind me remember
Find shapes of mountains letters faces in this moving canvas
Today I notice the most beautiful shade of blue in the
Big oak tree on the edge of the yard between already brittle
Looking leaves that sway and rustle in the breeze the gaps
That of course were there all along are now all I see the
Stunning patches of cerulean sky behind sage and moss
Lace patterns in motion stunning captivating change
The change is constant and calls out to be noticed like
A baby you don’t see for a week or a month how much
She changed now she’s a tiny person how did I miss
The catharsis in the changing colors and crisper sky
While butterflies dance together gasping for a final hoorah

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