A long 3-movie plane ride
Watching 3 back-to-back made
The trip fly by…ha. The start of
A two-week vacation begins
Work still swirling swirling head full
Hope determined to disengage relax
Enjoy a real break for family love
Zoo and beach days Rubio’s and
Jamba nostalgia (a much cooler
Place to grow up than mine-sorry
Charcoal Pit) Torrey Pines nature
Quietly amazing later Yosemite
Cabin hikes photos home cooking
Superb and delicious granite peaks
Grandeur surrounds valley biking
Tuolumne ascending flowers delight
Calling me though small amidst
All that is awe-inspiring and imposing
Tiny beauty is here look down at
The purple, white, not all beauty is up


Balboa Park Botanical Garden

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