Flower Rainbow

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In Celebration of Marriage Equality – June 26, 2015

Love Wins

Sitting in a Starbucks’ parking lot
A Venti flat white steaming beside me
The words appeared on my phone
“Marriage Equality Wins!”
My emotions, spontaneous, overflowing
Tears then sobs overwhelm
A wave of vindication
Pride, relief, acceptance, and equality
Not too much to ask but a long time coming
Finally, everywhere
Joy Gratitude Happiness
Love Wins

Happy Flowers

“This makes me happy” I say “Yay” comes the response
I carry a pitcher of water outside soaking the large
Full pot of classic cranberry geraniums lavishly overflowing
Tin trough with thick rope handles and drilled drain holes

This is a day I cherish my annual trip to the garden store
Filling my rear hatch no room to spare every inch a burst
Of color crimson coral plum rose white each beauty carefully
Chosen with a preordained place a specific summer spot

Growing and blooming prompts the seasons morning ritual
Early cool shimmering dew sparkling water brilliant days
Puttering pruning breathing sipping sitting appreciating
Serene smile daily send off “This makes me Happy” I say

First Ride

First ride of the season let’s make it flat and short-ish
Why so late it’s early May six weeks past due how did this
Happen? Weather work and then there was pneumonia
Good thing poems don’t have to rhyme like a child’s
Haiku what choices? Begonia ammonia I don’t own ya?

This day though beautiful puffy clouds and the anticipated
Crowd on the pretty flat trail is absent where are the people?
No nervous parents with tiny kids to dodge on training wheel bikes
Lucky us clear sailing as we circle the lot and head north through
Fields cool air tunnel pothole avoidance dark glasses lowered

A large extended family coming our way young big eyed middle son
Heading straight at me thick accent dad calling move left move left
Hey dad you should be saying right…somehow my heart rate doesn’t
Blip I see the whites of his eyes last second few spare feet he shakily
Leans right I hug my edge we pass like ships stay right cute boy

Time check is it 3? Guests in 2 hours plus a grocery stop and shower
We can ride out 3 more miles no that would be 40 minutes back
So 2 more miles no comment her knowing smile I do this with numbers
And time we pedal on 2 more to our big loop turn head back not bad
Feels good we can go to the end next time no worries happy legs first ride

Coffee Time

Sacred coffee time daily meditation, awakening
Lifetime love never wanes dark bold robust rich
Hot with milk dark khaki mahogany perfection warms
Daybreak sunroom overlook coffee spot sanctum

Grazing deer ahead of bluebirds cardinals yellowest finches
Or deck cozy comfort with green woods view glistening pool
Fresh air breathing blanket cuts chill but always the
Coffee love life’s smallest daily pleasure my cup of happiness

30 Poems in 30 Days

30 poems in 30 days seemed an impossible goal
Too many words too many ideas necessary
To generate 30 separate works completely unique
While also working and living and watching
(Losing) baseball games but one day at a time
Works for many things and writing poems
Apparently is a thing that works one day
At a time each day a new idea thought spark
Excellent bucolic view to prompt the flow of
Stanzas or simply splendid symmetrical words
That fit together like Legos clicking into place
Fitting a theme or forming a story out of a single
Idea or thought when finished a circle back to the
Purity of the origin but with a twist unexpected
Each poem a surprise the 30 a treasure forever

Billowy Dabs

Surreal white puff clouds float on the cerulean sky
Billowy dabs painted on crystal clear blue yonder
Create suspended snowy cotton balls awakening a
Dreamlike whimsy hypnotic confusion disoriented stares

This sky cannot be real with its fanciful puffiness and
Bogus sky blue hue like a heaven imagined in glorifying
Stories but no, it’s a normal April day full of regular troubles
Like any other workday christened with wondrous beauty

my grand canyon

Amber vermilion ruby copper
Infinite prodigious beauty beckons
Magnetic draw to wonder supreme
Unmatched vastness entices, stuns
Striations reveal endless hues

Coral scarlet gold umber
Sun glints on narrow precipices
The brink invites the brave
A closer look, a peek into the depth
Teal ribbon dizzyingly far below

Khaki orange salmon apricot
Proximity excites, fear grips
The edge repels seduces coaxes
Frozen feet keep their distance
Phobia forges an unapproachable rim

Poetry Inventory

The beginning, Feelings Friday, Thursday night homework

5 prompts (Name, Un-invented, Inanimate, Repeats, Letter)
5 poems (Different, Death, Delicious, Appreciation, Darkness)

Momentum interrupted, The lull, A void

April Fool, or kismet, by chance, please help

“It’s been a couple of weeks since Mary Lambert’s poetry prompts ended, and I need something to keep it going” Cinnamon Paws (Thank you, my love), fresh start

16 days of poetry – Perspective, Art, Misogyny, Non-conformity, Injustice, Eavesdropping, People-watching, New Ride, Attention, Memory, Earlier times, Spring, Birth, Hope, My loves

Today, Thank you Mary Lambert

April possibilities remain

That’s my job

Running (driving) miles a day, from one stop to the next, each meeting with stressed out skeptics who worry and doubt. Constant calm (not freaking out) is the key to success. Empathizing but not absorbing their worry is the ideal. Rejuvenation comes while traversing the narrow, curvy, tree-lined roads, favorite routes with beautiful vistas of rolling pastures enclosed by straight-line fences containing chestnut mares and red red barns. The roads between the meetings, the sunsets and horses and farmhouses I pass and stop to take-in or photograph, preserve the calm. And then there’s Starbucks, the other oasis. Energy flows from those who look me in the eye and say thank you for helping us navigate this maze. Having the freedom to say “maybe we’re not a good match, let’s both move-on” preserves the sanity. And walking away from the draining and unrealistic is a productive, liberating decision. What a relief. The best parts are sharing joy with the excited and enthused, or giving hope to the vulnerable and fearful. And getting to the end with smiles, mutual thanks… and keys. That’s my job.