That’s my job

Running (driving) miles a day, from one stop to the next, each meeting with stressed out skeptics who worry and doubt. Constant calm (not freaking out) is the key to success. Empathizing but not absorbing their worry is the ideal. Rejuvenation comes while traversing the narrow, curvy, tree-lined roads, favorite routes with beautiful vistas of rolling pastures enclosed by straight-line fences containing chestnut mares and red red barns. The roads between the meetings, the sunsets and horses and farmhouses I pass and stop to take-in or photograph, preserve the calm. And then there’s Starbucks, the other oasis. Energy flows from those who look me in the eye and say thank you for helping us navigate this maze. Having the freedom to say “maybe we’re not a good match, let’s both move-on” preserves the sanity. And walking away from the draining and unrealistic is a productive, liberating decision. What a relief. The best parts are sharing joy with the excited and enthused, or giving hope to the vulnerable and fearful. And getting to the end with smiles, mutual thanks… and keys. That’s my job.

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