The Weathered Covered Bridge

It’s completely grey on the outside
The weathered covered bridge
I briefly stand tranquil in its center
Silent while absorbing water melodies
Floating through skinny gaps
Glimpses caught
Sparkling water
Through rough-hewn floorboards
Vibrating under muddy boots
Lumberyard incense
This shadowy space
Sun streams dance

Savored seconds until the next passing

Launching Bears

It was 3:00 AM in early UVA spring 1977
Me slumped in a straight back dorm desk chair
Beginning again after a short hot pot break
Hazily typing a nearly due
“Compare and contrast” anthropology paper
I finish a line
I hit return
My IBM electric’s platen zooms high-speed right
Slamming into my recently filled Boynton mug
Launching bears into flight across the quiet dorm lounge
Shooting an International Coffee Suisse Mocha spray
Ceiling high and room wide as my favorite
Mug crashes into a hundred sharp shards


My college career in a single early hour vignette

Full Fluffiness

Patient wanderer wrapped wooly thick and warm
The day is coming when the weight will be lifted
Your extra burden will be eased in just a minute
The buzz will terrify but the outcome’s the coolest
That’s cool “amazing” as well as cool “nearly naked”
They’ll whisk the plunder away to weave wonderful
Warmth and style and blankets and sweaters and
Wonder as your full fluffiness is memorialized

Resilience of Daffodils

Please explain dear mother the havoc you have dropped
Eighty on Saturday Fifty on Sunday Snow on Tuesday
Me in heavy overcoat past April tax day feeling ninety
Sporting dull winter colors as we race toward summer

The resilience of daffodils still standing after typhoon
Torrents rain down drenching buckets from emptying
Clouds on fragile yellow petals still blinking eyes open
Admonishing ceaseless complaints by grumpy humans
With less flexibility than fleeting soggy yellow flowers

“Buck up chilly humans,” says the heartless mother
“If this is the worst thing you have to adjust to, you
Clearly have no idea how lucky you are today. Consider
A little delay and lagging warm temperatures a tiny
Sample of the pandemonium I have in my repertoire“
A lightening bolt and thunder clap exclamation point
Flashes bright and booms loud as she walks away

Whale Tails

They were everywhere that cloudy evening
Gasping dusk beauty in every direction
Straight up vertical geyser sprays
Interspersed with barnacle covered
Dripping wet tails gracefully curved
Before the perfect Greg Louganis dive
Sucking a churning watery sink hole
Disappearing black with random white spots
Nature’s quiet clear reminder that even
Quintessential beauty is blemished

Your Fine Life

Don’t fly too long under the radar.
Your fine life is impatiently waiting.
It’s true. (Believe it). You’re missed.

There’s also real truth here:
Deep jagged wounds need light and air to fully heal.
This other truth is also real:
Unsightly heart scars are as inevitable as death.

The time will come when you look
Into your own precious core and
Rejoice at jagged beauty darned whole.
And rejoice at a reconstructed heart.

Fender Bender Festival

The weather is perfectly spring, finally warm in yellow and pink,
Combined with Friday and it’s a traffic jam and fender bender
Festival with turtle slow lines of window open cars slowly inching.
Daffodils and cherry blossoms in bright sun apparently impair driving.

I turned from the office in plenty of time for my morning appointment
Onto the highway with one clear mile before hitting multiples of brake light
Red and a snaking line of impatience and heat and loud music and lip-syncing.
My creeping minutes were spent recalculating likely late arrival times.

At the 20-minute mark I made the call I won’t be there today please meet
Without me I’ll get the story later. “Thank you” with fire truck flashing lights
In sight. Up the hill slowly I inched past the crunched grey Prius, taking my
Rubber necking turn then speeding for an unplanned Smoothie King lunch.

The afternoon was summer hot with small breezes and puffy pollen clouds.
My last meeting was at 4:15 but I was early and settled in to relax and wait.
I waited. And waited. Those poor people traveling the interstate from Philly
With the beach bound in mass-exodus in this first spring beautiful weekend.

Triple travel time clocked but cheerful smiles disembarked and greeted me
Despite their time in slow moving lines of finger tapped steering wheels.
“Take your time” I said “enjoy your visit” I suggested and savored the reminder
Of the “empty boats” wisdom story by these blithe good-natured travelers.

Broadway Day

Crack of dawn
Train Station
Big Apple
Crowded streets
High Line
Ramon with pork and egg
Cursed Child (Part 1)
Albus & Scorpius
Friendship & love
Hermione & Ron
Calamari & Eggplant Parmesan
Cursed Child (Part 2)
Souvenir T-shirts
Fiery Effects
Death Eaters & Dementors
Baby Harry’s Pram
Mother’s love
Fathers & Sons
Standing ovation
Curtain Calls
Hot Fudge Sundaes
7 miles
Hotel Pillows