Resilience of Daffodils

Please explain dear mother the havoc you have dropped
Eighty on Saturday Fifty on Sunday Snow on Tuesday
Me in heavy overcoat past April tax day feeling ninety
Sporting dull winter colors as we race toward summer

The resilience of daffodils still standing after typhoon
Torrents rain down drenching buckets from emptying
Clouds on fragile yellow petals still blinking eyes open
Admonishing ceaseless complaints by grumpy humans
With less flexibility than fleeting soggy yellow flowers

“Buck up chilly humans,” says the heartless mother
“If this is the worst thing you have to adjust to, you
Clearly have no idea how lucky you are today. Consider
A little delay and lagging warm temperatures a tiny
Sample of the pandemonium I have in my repertoire“
A lightening bolt and thunder clap exclamation point
Flashes bright and booms loud as she walks away

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