“Mod Squad” 2018 (Or, Movies with 2018 version of “Mod” Titles)

Woke Witches (Inside the Beltway)
Savage Swingers
Lit Litigants Battle Bosses
Snatched Suit
Turnt Toddler Tirade
YAAS Youth
Goat Gals Gala
Salty Shift
Fire Friars Feud
Extra Existential
Sus Southy

Definitions for the uninformed (or old)
Double parenthesis ((words & definition from Readers Digest;
These “cool words” likely leftover from 2016 or were never cool)):
Woke (culturally or politically aware)
Savage (disregard for consequences)
Lit (as in parties)
Snatched (On point – such as clothes, eyebrows hair)
Turnt (super excited or drunk)
Yaas (Yes, and then some)
Goat (greatest of all time)
Salty (annoyed or bitter)
Fire (hot)
Extra (over the top)
Sus (suspicious)

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