Brave Women

3 women talk in an office cluster.
“Being brave is excruciatingly hard, but
It’s like jumping off a high dive. It’s terrifying
The First time, but then gets easier until the
Board is no longer high.”

“Or jumping into a cold pool,” Says another.
“It gets more bearable with each jump until
It’s no longer cold.”

These are brave women who were 50s babies,
60s children, 70s teens. They’ve forgotten their
Past acts of heroism, surviving each decade, with
No idea how they appeared in middle age.
Grandmothers now, they’ve maneuvered the
Trials of their children’s lives, while trailing a
Wake of lost loves, broken and recast families,
Reinvented lives, their courage buoyed by
Cherished friends. Brave women who
Navigate with passion and love, yearning
To wring out every drop.

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