Phobia Forged

Phobia forges an unapproachable rim
The fear of heights first emerged at the Spectrum
1968 family outing to see Peggy Fleming’s elegance
And beauty in pale green chiffon gliding to Hey Jude

Ten years old, embarrassingly crawled up the stairs to our row
My dad both angry and kind walked me down to the concourse
Racing heart calming coke and popcorn bribing a smile
World Trade center years later reluctant to go to roof

Young cousin enthused the edge is so far no worry of fear
Riding the escalator the observation area open, broad
Expansive and wide terror enveloped no way down
Without walking the entire square of the roof hand

Over hand making people move to hold the thin life line
wire 50 feet from the edge still filled with choking fear
I love the Grand Canyon but the edge is the enemy
Looking out at the beauty never turn your back

Don’t get too close my loved ones I’ll have to look away
Anchored in a rocking chair looking out at the beauty
Where did this phobia come from I hate its power
Yosemite does this hike have narrow overlooks to avoid?

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