Valley Forge National Park, Betzwood lot

Back seat duffle, gear overflows

Cleated shoes, helmet, sunglasses, gloves

Hybrid Giant tires pumped

Ready. Garmin set. Go.

Leading, Pedaling. Trailhead north

Thick woods flank long green tunnel

Iron bridge S curve down, down. 3 miles

Perkiomen River, today’s neighbor

Zig-zag of bridges, crossing, crossing over flowing streams

Weaving around kids on tiny bikes, past runners, past chatters

Pace set, rhythm

Steep, steep hill, flying down past rocky creek. 13 miles

Water views, bouldery cliffs, rugged trail, trendy towns, trail-side bike shop

Open field, bridge, woods, another bridge

Hill, Green Lane, halfway, glimmering lake, kayaks, barbeques, fishing poles

Park-bench rest, calories consumed, water gulped, 21 miles

Back on trail, path retraced

12-degree hill, up, up, Walk or ride? 29 miles

Top of hill, recover. Ancient ski lift rumbles, Pedal

Folk Fest stage. Sparkly water. Breath

Parking lot, right turn, bike rack, duffle, 42 miles

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