The Tent

“Did you see my tent?” she asked as I cuddled her new baby brother (Hello little boy, welcome to the family).

“Susan gave you the tent. Why don’t you wait a minute” said her mom, my sweet niece who was the same imploring 3-year-old just 5 minutes ago.

“Come into my tent”, she said with pleading eyes and a half smile.

“Do you like your new baby?” I asked as I kissed his tiny fingers.

“Yes”…then… again, “come see my tent”

Giving up the bundle of a boy to his mom, I trail to the living room, home to Ikea’s best orange & yellow carnival tent; a child’s oasis from the stream of eyes for the newborn boy.

“Here, get in” I crouch to climb through the tiny flap to the precious space.

“I have a pillow, see, sit down” I sit, and she lays her head on the pillow with a sly, secret smile of success.

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