A beat-up red Toyota passed me as I turned right out of the Smoothy King. It rattled straight for the dead end with resolute intention. A scrubby barrier loomed straight ahead. On the other side a magical place. It’s true. I’ve been there. For a minute I imagined the bespectacled boy determinably pushing his luggage cart straight toward the brick wall. Track 9 3/4. I glanced in the rear view mirror hoping for magic. If the shaky car had disappeared I’d have burst with joy. And hope. 

Hallowed Grounds

I spoke to Jefferson that night
Or to his statue to be precise
On my visit decades later
On the side of the lawn
Hidden by dark bushes
On the deep winter night
On those grounds I had loved
During those lonely years
Where the beauty of the place
Was my favorite part

“What do you think of him?
Avoiding his name
On the virtuous ground

Sadly the answer
From his frozen gaze
Or my own addled head
He’s not an intellect
Or a patriot
Not an inventor
Or builder of anything real
Not a writer
Or a man of conviction
Not a crusader for truth
Or a champion of honor
(There are no hallowed grounds in his future)

As I take in the place
Built for learning and legacy
I pray for our beautiful country
Cringing in his path

30 Poems in 30 Days

30 poems in 30 days seemed an impossible goal
Too many words too many ideas necessary
To generate 30 separate works completely unique
While also working and living and watching
(Losing) baseball games but one day at a time
Works for many things and writing poems
Apparently is a thing that works one day
At a time each day a new idea thought spark
Excellent bucolic view to prompt the flow of
Stanzas or simply splendid symmetrical words
That fit together like Legos clicking into place
Fitting a theme or forming a story out of a single
Idea or thought when finished a circle back to the
Purity of the origin but with a twist unexpected
Each poem a surprise the 30 a treasure forever

Poetry Inventory

The beginning, Feelings Friday, Thursday night homework

5 prompts (Name, Un-invented, Inanimate, Repeats, Letter)
5 poems (Different, Death, Delicious, Appreciation, Darkness)

Momentum interrupted, The lull, A void

April Fool, or kismet, by chance, please help

“It’s been a couple of weeks since Mary Lambert’s poetry prompts ended, and I need something to keep it going” Cinnamon Paws (Thank you, my love), fresh start

16 days of poetry – Perspective, Art, Misogyny, Non-conformity, Injustice, Eavesdropping, People-watching, New Ride, Attention, Memory, Earlier times, Spring, Birth, Hope, My loves

Today, Thank you Mary Lambert

April possibilities remain